Perhaps the news of late has left you feeling disheartened about the current state of society. There has been so much sadness as tragic events happen in one’s own community and across the world.

Despite the disparity these trying times leave in their wake, they often create an uproar of positivity as others are inspired to act in what seems like hope’s void. Some individuals are able to financially support organizations on a global level while others stay closer to home and serve their communities.

If you are looking to do something more unique than write a check to a nonprofit or volunteer at an event for charity, your iPhone actually serves as a great resource for discovering new ways to give back. Research and download one of these 4 apps in the name of charity:


Charities that have made it their mission to provide food, water, and education to children in third-world countries have been around for decades. Instead of “adopting” a child and sending out a check every month, you can now do everything over your mobile phone. This app created by the United Nations has already helped to serve 9 million meals – and you can even track the countries where your meals have been delivered.

Donate a Photo

For every photo you upload through this app, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to a charity that you choose from a small selection of organizations.

Charity Miles

If you exercise daily, chances are you have already downloaded an app to track how many miles you’ve hit during your run. If you track your workout through Charity Miles instead, one of their many sponsors will donate money based on every mile you run, bike, or jog.


Want to educate yourself on the goals of various charities across the nation? Through Tinbox, you can tap on a sponsor’s information and learn more about the company’s specific mission. After this, the sponsor you have just read about will notify you about an event or cause that they have donated a dollar to all because you took 30 seconds to learn more about them.