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Support The Victims Of The California Wildfires

There is nothing more disheartening than watching as thousands of people are affected by a tragedy they did not start and, unfortunately, they cannot stop. If you pay attention to what is going on in the world, you have heard of the wildfires that have been burning through California, leaving thousands of individuals without a […]

Alexander Gladney- Doctors Without Borders Seeks to Make the World a Better Place

Doctors Without Borders Strives To Make The World A Better Place

Doctors Without Borders is a private international association that is made up of different health sector workers and doctors. Doctors Without Borders provides assistance throughout the World to people who have been impacted by natural disasters. It pledges to do its work with neutrality and impartiality, with no prejudice towards anyone because of their race, […]

Alexander Gladney- Here's How You Can Help With Hurricane Relief

Here’s How You Can Get Involved With Hurricane Relief

One catastrophic, category 4 hurricane over the course of a few weeks is devastating enough, but two is practically unthinkable. Hurricane Harvey, a category 4 storm, formed on August 17 and wreaked havoc throughout Texas and Louisiana until dissipating on September 3. Hurricane Irma followed just weeks later, while the nation was still recovering from […]

Alexander Gladney- America's Biggest Charity Marathons

America’s Biggest Charity Marathons

Charity marathons, commonly known as “thons,” are wonderful in the way that they accomplish a dual-purpose, most of them benefiting health-related charities while promoting the health of the participants at the same time. Marathon participants typically put long, grueling hours, over many months, into training for the event, be it a full running marathon, a […]

Alexander Gladney- How Volunteering Can Make You a Better Person

How Volunteering Can Make You a Better Person

The dictionary definition of “volunteer” is literally to give of oneself: “to offer oneself for some service or undertaking.” When you are giving yourself to something, you may not expect to get anything back in return, but with volunteering, you know you’re getting the most out of it if you come away feeling like a […]

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A Brief History of Crowdfunding

Humble Beginnings Stemming from the 1700’s with the creation of small loans in Ireland, today’s idea of crowdfunding found its humble beginnings in one singular British band in 1997.  This band wanted to go on one final tour, and so, they turned to the internet for help.  With the support of their loyal following, they […]


The Age of the Casual Philanthropist

With the rise of technology, we’ve also witnessed something else: the development of the casual philanthropist. Giving to different causes and organizations is easier than ever, whether it’s some huge charity that has locations all over the world or a fund for the family down the street with expensive medical bills. Thanks to casual philanthropy, there’s now something commonly known as slacktivism, which allows people to give without having to do very much. This type of philanthropy has gotten people involved that never participated in philanthropy before. There are various ways to participate in philanthropy, making it accessible to significantly more people.

Alexander Gladney: Corporate Social Responsibility

Why Companies Should Encourage Volunteer Work

  Today, many millennials are struggling to get by through day to day life. From higher living costs, paying off school loans and bills, and working multiple jobs at a time, millennials are more stressed than ever  — and that stress is reflected in their performance at work. The last thing they have time for is […]

Alexander Glandey: The Key to Social Media Engagement for Your Nonprofit

The Key to Social Media Engagement for your Nonprofit

These days, everyone knows you need a social media presence to engage the public, and it can be hard to get much done without one. The magic formula for successful social engagement is still a mystery, however, and many non-profits drive themselves crazy trying to crack the secret code. The single most important thing you can do to get others involved and excited about the cause you believe in, however, is simple: Make it a conversation.

Alexander Gladney: Why Youth Are the Future of Philanthropy

Why Youth are the Future of Philanthropy

There’s no better way to celebrate your own success than by giving something back to the community that supported you on your journey. When it comes to philanthropy, the constant challenge is finding the project or cause that will take your contribution the furthest and have the greatest impact in the world. One of the best ways to make an immeasurable, lasting difference around you, however, is regularly overlooked.

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