Doctors Without Borders is a private international association that is made up of different health sector workers and doctors. Doctors Without Borders provides assistance throughout the World to people who have been impacted by natural disasters. It pledges to do its work with neutrality and impartiality, with no prejudice towards anyone because of their race, religion, or political feelings.


Doctors Without Borders started after the Parisian upheavals in 1971. A few doctors went to help victims of the wars, re-establishing the concept of emergency aid. At the start of Doctors Without Borders, there were over 200 members of the organization; nurses, doctors, and journalists.

The first mission of Doctors Without Borders was to Managua, Nicaragua. An earthquake damaged most of Managua and killed thousands of people. Doctors Without Borders established a relief mission to help Honduras after a deadly hurricane swept through the area. They also helped the citizens of Cambodia who were looking for a safe haven.

Today, Doctors Without Borders has offices in multiple countries around the World. Doctors Without Borders is proud to have helped millions of people worldwide, while keeping their institutional and financial independence.


Doctors Without Border’s primary cause is to help save lives and lessen the burden of people suffering through these crises. It strives to help people enhance their lives and become positive members of their community.

Doctors Without Borders is active in assisting people who live in war zones. These people may have been injured through knife attacks, gun violence, beatings, or rapings. Doctors Without Borders helps run vaccination campaigns and different water and sanitation projects.

Doctors Without Borders is one of the first organizations to respond to outbreaks of dangerous diseases such as meningitis and malaria. It helps provide medical care through clinics and building hospitals. Doctors Without Borders wants to make sure that people have access to shelter and supplies that they need to survive.

Through their Access Campaign, Doctors Without Borders campaigns for changes to treatments for diseases that affect the poor. Doctors Without Borders seeks changes to pediatric formulations for children with HIV/AIDS.

Doctors Without Borders also helped found the Drugs For Neglected Diseases Initiative, which called for drug researchers, drug companies, and medical practitioners to find different ways to develop medicine. Doctors Without Borders believes that the emphasis should be changed to need instead of trying to make a profit. The program has helped people in Honduras and Burkina Faso, among others.