So you’ve developed your mission, built a board of directors and began fundraising for your charity. What next? It is now time to begin operations, advertise and be patient!

Begin Operations

It is recommended to have at least a year’s worth of operating funds before committing any cash outflow. You will need to be extremely frugal while operating a charity. You must treat every dollar like it is your last, because in the world of fundraising and charity, it very well may be. The spending of the charity needs to align with the mission of the charity. For example, if your charity’s mission is to help feed impoverished children in Africa, all money should be directly relate to that mission. Do not waste precious charity dollars on unnecessary costs. Keep in mind that donors want their money to go to the ultimate beneficiaries, not the employees.


The Balance writes that advertising on social media is the first step to success. Let people who already support your organization on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn know what is happening with your charity. Invite those supporters to get in touch. Stay up to date with newer services as well.  For instance, LinkedIn Board Connect is an ideal tool to reach today’s professionals, many of whom would welcome an opportunity to serve on your board. There are some general fundraising websites that work extremely well for board members; the most well-known being VolunteerMatch. Use all of them to your advantage! In 2018, you cannot neglect your online presence.

Be Patient

Your charity is an organization engineered for longevity. A charity’s mission is meant to span over time. That being said, you will need to be patient. You can only expand as quickly as your fundraising allows. Take your time. There will be plenty of times when you question your sanity for having tried this and it will be solely your passion that carries you through.  It is unwise to start anything with the goal of fortune and fame, especially nonprofits.  Expect to invest significant amounts of time, passion, and money with great satisfaction as the only reward.

Now that you have created a charity and done the work on the backend, the day-to-day operations begin. Be prepared to continue to be frugal with money and maintain a consistent presence on social media sites. Above all, be patient. You decided to create a charity in order to impact change, and change does not come quickly or easily. While doing all of the hard work that comes along with operating a charity, keep your goal in mind and move steadily towards it.