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Alexander Gladney is a committed philanthropist based out of Trenton, New Jersey

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4 Free Charity Apps You Should Download On Your iPhone

Perhaps the news of late has left you feeling disheartened about the current state of society. There has been so much sadness as tragic events happen in one’s own community and across the world. Despite the disparity these trying times leave in their wake, they often create an uproar of positivity as others are inspired […]

Alexander Gladney- Here's How You Can Help With Hurricane Relief

Here’s How You Can Get Involved With Hurricane Relief

One catastrophic, category 4 hurricane over the course of a few weeks is devastating enough, but two is practically unthinkable. Hurricane Harvey, a category 4 storm, formed on August 17 and wreaked havoc throughout Texas and Louisiana until dissipating on September 3. Hurricane Irma followed just weeks later, while the nation was still recovering from […]

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A Brief History of Crowdfunding

Humble Beginnings Stemming from the 1700’s with the creation of small loans in Ireland, today’s idea of crowdfunding found its humble beginnings in one singular British band in 1997.  This band wanted to go on one final tour, and so, they turned to the internet for help.  With the support of their loyal following, they […]

Alexander Gladney: How Health Philanthropy Show Aim Higher Than a Band-Aid Fix

Health Philanthropy Show Aim Higher Than a Band-Aid Fix

It’s certainly easy to see health in terms of sickness and disease. The eye-catching celebrity benefits and 5ks are all dedicated to illnesses, and while it’s indisputably necessary to pursue any and all paths toward cures, our focus on health as rooted solely in biology means that many we tend not to think of things like gun violence as a health epidemic.

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