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Alexander Gladney is a committed philanthropist based out of Trenton, New Jersey

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4 Free Charity Apps You Should Download On Your iPhone

Perhaps the news of late has left you feeling disheartened about the current state of society. There has been so much sadness as tragic events happen in one’s own community and across the world. Despite the disparity these trying times leave in their wake, they often create an uproar of positivity as others are inspired […]

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Donating Plasma: The 3 Things You Should Know Before You Do It

Supporting those in need does not always come with a price tag. There are a variety of ways that you can provide aid to someone in need without having to open your wallet. Volunteering is typically the route that the majority of people go, but there are other ways that you can give back on […]

Giving Back

Little Habits You Can Start to Give Back

Whether you’re an individual, startup organization, or up and running business, there is always room to give back and portray your values to the community. Although money is an important aspect of helping non-profits and charities help others, it is not the only way to give back to your community. By following these simple ideas, you can contribute to a positive community, even when your wallet is down.

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