With the rise of technology, we’ve also witnessed something else: the development of the casual philanthropist. Giving to different causes and organizations is easier than ever, whether it’s some huge charity that has locations all over the world or a fund for the family down the street with expensive medical bills. Thanks to casual philanthropy, there’s now something commonly known as slacktivism, which allows people to give without having to do very much. This type of philanthropy has gotten people involved that never participated in philanthropy before. There are various ways to participate in philanthropy, making it accessible to significantly more people.


More people giving


One of the best aspects of the rise of casual philanthropists is that more people are giving than ever before. For many people, writing a check and sending it in the mail or physically going to a fundraiser was too much, but clicking a button or filling out something online allows them to participate in philanthropy. These people would not have been previously considered philanthropists, but now they can get involved in ways that work best for them.


Easier donations


Before, philanthropy was more difficult to get involved in than it is now, because there weren’t as many options on how you wanted to give. Now, you can easily make a donation online with minimal effort on your end. There are even apps that can be downloaded to your phone and give to charity while you’re walking or using the Internet. You can download extensions onto your web browser that run in the background and generate donations to charity and with websites such as Freerice.com, users can play games and donate food to people around the world. Some of these opportunities require no money from the user, which makes it even more appealing to some who do not have the means to donate large sums of money.


New opportunities for giving


In addition to donations being easier to give, there are also new opportunities. Being able to donate to an organization using your phone or computer added an entirely new layer to philanthropy. Reports show that traditional ways of giving are not losing numbers; the new opportunities are drawing in philanthropists who likely would not have made donations in the past. The more ways there are to give, the more people will get involved. Since there are many options to give without having to spend your own time and money, virtually anyone can participate in philanthropy.


Makes it a part of life


Because philanthropy and opportunities to give are so common,  it’s becoming a routine part of life. Thanks to organizations such as GoFundMe.com, people are more open to discussing where there are needs in the local community and how you can easily donate to larger causes. Information can be relayed from around the world in a few seconds, so people are constantly aware of any disasters that have affected certain areas. Now, many people’s first reaction when they hear about a tragedy is to wonder how they can help the people affected, which shows helping others has become a regular part of life.